Artist Statement

I work in all kinds of mediums which include painting, printmaking, and ceramics. Stylistically, I play with realism, engaging the faces and places that surround me in order to capture the beauty and essence of the seemingly ordinary. Whether I work en plein air or work from personal reference photos, I often end up producing art that is directly related to a place or time that I have walked through myself.

Over the years, I’ve also explored the power of visual narrative to inform on subject matters that are not always so easily seen to the naked eye. By adding a touch of surrealism to my work, I have promoted curiosity and brought heady themes of religion, friendship, and individualism into the more tangible field of art.

Personally, my art often acts as a transcript, documenting the conversations I have with life on a visual, physical platform. I continually utilize traditional techniques to explore these dialogues while maintaining the freedom to incorporate new ideas that will grow me into a better painter, sculptor, and creative storyteller.

Curriculum Vitae:

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