Senior Exhibition 2019

Mixed media installation at Stetson University, May 2019

“Life As We Know It”

Most of us have asked ourselves the following at some point in time: “Who am I?”, “Do I matter?”, “Does God exist?” Our society offers all kinds of answers to these questions. Its ideas about the world are as abundant as the products lining our everyday grocery shelves.

This mixed-media installation reflects my thoughts on American consumerism. Created in a style similar to the iconic works of Norman Rockwell and Edward Hopper, I desire to challenge our views of the modern American experience…

When I first started college, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of ideas I was offered… This painting is a conceptual piece that helped me envision the final show installation. Inspired by “Nighthawks” by Edward Hopper and paintings of libraries by contemporary artist David Gista, I explored themes of loneliness in a world full of diverse thought. It reflected my personal search for identity and hunger for truth.

The Search for Self, acrylic on canvas 24 x 36″

Throughout my journey, I realized that people have often found creative ways to package answers to life’s toughest questions–tying them up in shiny bows and colorful wrapping paper. However, some of these assumptions and ideals that people cling to about life, about God, and about society have not always held true in the long run despite the attractive packaging they come in.

I believe everyday ideas dictate the realities we experience. The information we consume continuously feeds our internal belief systems, which in turn, ultimately determines how we live, who we talk to, and how we engage the outer world. This mixed-media installation reflects this through portraying common images of American consumerism in a surreal way. Drawing from the iconic influence of Norman Rockwell and Edward Hopper, I desire to critique society’s typical understanding of education and identity especially in times of political/religious polarization. I invite viewers to self-reflect on who they are as consumers of ideas and ideals, reevaluating the beliefs they hold about the world, about others, and about themselves. By employing ceramics, acrylics, and everyday materials in my final installation, I also hope to bridge the gaps that stand between the art world and everyday life.

Frozen Goods

Mixed media installation: stoneware clay, grocery cooler, spray paint
(78 x 30 x 78″)

detail shots

The Underlying Questions

Slip-casted clay poured into a handmade mold made to resemble paper.

Boys Don’t Cry

poster print (orig. acrylic on canvas 16 x 20″)

Girls Wear Pink

poster print (orig. acrylic on canvas 16 x 20″)

More installation photos

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