Pause, 2020

Never thought I’d see so many places shut down overnight…

Images of ghost-town parking lots, dismantled restaurants, and yellow taped playgrounds narrated how fragile life could be amidst a pandemic. A sense of shared grief filled the air. Regardless of one’s age, class, or race, all were forced to pause the life they knew and watch the world change.

Finding ways to process this experience (be it through sheer stubbornness or unwavering hope) was a feat all its own. It required many to look at community in new ways and prompted many to turn anew to God for direction. Like so many others, 2020 had shown me a new meaning to the word: “change”. It taught me to pause, embrace the silent moments, and find rest in uncertainty.

Ghost Towne Parking Lot
Acrylic on matt board 25 x 20″ (framed)

Ghost Towne Parking Lot 2
Acrylic on matt board, 16 x 20″ (framed)

Exit Only
Acrylic on matt board, 16 x 20 (framed)

Quiet Reflections
Acrylic on matt board, 16 x 20″ (framed)

Standing Room Only
Acrylic on matt board, 22 x 17″ (framed)

Dusk, Midnight Stroll, and Twilight
Acrylic on matt board, 19 x 13″ (framed)

Burning the Midnight Oil
Acrylic on matt board, 19 x 15″ (framed)

Night Light
Acrylic on matt board, 20 x 24″ (framed)

Acrylic on matt board, 15 x 19″ (framed)

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