Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My paintings and sculptures articulate my thoughts about life and current topics facing our world today…

With all the struggles we encounter concerning identity, religious freedom, and racial representation, I want my work to challenge the way people see themselves in relation to these issues. Through various artistic strategies, I create pieces that tell stories about the ups and downs of life. Whether by employing elements of still life, figuration, or surrealism, I pay tribute to traditional forms of art, but choose themes that are relevant in today’s culture in a re-imagined, nuanced way.

Stylistically, I play with realism by painting and sculpting my materials in a clear, well-rendered manner. I often employ traditional painting techniques such as glazing and dry-brushing with acrylic paint to achieve brilliant finishes. I find a lot of freedom in using acrylics because of the multiple mediums I use with them to add depth, colorful richness, and durability to my paintings. Continuing to employ realism into my ceramic work, I produce detailed sculptures that intimately engage with viewers through varying textures and playful designs. By taking my ideas into the 3D realm I find new opportunities to convey my ideas in other tangible forms. Through careful craftsmanship combined with a love for storytelling, I hope my paintings and sculptures connect to viewers in a visually honest and powerful way.

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